We are the connection platform for specialized talent.

At Infinity find the perfect candidates for your company in less than 48 hours, our professional prequalification system is supported by Artificial Intelligence and the specialization of our teams.

Why Infinity Talent is your best recruiting option?

Save time and money in your recruitment process.

We have our own lab and digital ecosystem

We find the best candidates for you in less than 48 hours and with guarantees up to 6 months, which allows you to secure your investment.

We have our own lab and digital ecosystem

We find the best candidates for you in less than 48 hours and with guarantees up to 6 months, which allows you to secure your investment.

We have rates from 50%, unique in the head-hunter market

Don't worry about high recruitment costs and poor candidate results, reduce the high attrition rate.

Our software allows you real-time access to your candidate list

for a more expeditious selection and visibility of the process, and we also have specialized recruiters by sector.

See what others say about us


Lisbeth Ramos

Advertising Sales Manager

“ I want to let you know that it was a great process, the candidate’s selection and the feedback provide was great, which allowed me to acquire new skills on my CV’s creation. Once more, thank you very much and please know that in Panama you have a new friend.”


Pablo Sibaja

Information Systems Engineering

“The support received from Infinity as a company has been unique, from the first moment very professional, quick in their actions, in record time they shared with us the necessary professionals for our project, highly qualified and select personnel, their service is truly boutique, we have the best ally to continue growing”.


Alexander Herrera

Full Stack Developer

“I really appreciate the time and effort you put in my process. I feel very pleased for taking me in consideration and for giving me the opportunity of have known someone as professional and committed as you. I understand that even if this is not my time to be selected, I feel very motivated for been taking inconsideration for future opportunities. I value a lot your professionalism and the way you handle the recruitment process.”


Osvaldo Gomez

Senior UX/UI Designer

“I want to thank you all the follow up and constant feedback during the entire process, you are an exceptional team. I want to congratulate you for helping me been part of this new team, and please continue working the way you do. Thanks for everything.”


María Fernanda Moreno

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

“I had an excellent process, since the very First call everything was very clear and smooth. As candidate, you always made me feel very confident and motivated with the position, always providing me tips with great attitude and a smile.”

Our Services

Infinity is an excellent option for companies looking to save time and resources when hiring staff. It offers a wide range of services that help companies find and hire the right candidates for their vacancies.


Bpo Services

HR Marketing

We have +10,000 candidates in our database

Meet our AI platform, which scores and selects your best talent

Why do you need Infinity Talent?

How does Infinity Talent work?


Schedule a Virtual call and receive your rate in real time


Rate the candidates' profiles on our platform


Once your recruitment is activated, we start the process of attracting candidates,


We are ready! Select your next talent

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

How much does it cost to hire a recruitment service?

We have different prices according with what the customer needs. The prices go from $297 for job positions with salaries below the $1000, until 90% of the position’s salary or a monthly fee for several positions.

What country are the professionals from?
  • We have in our data base candidate from Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina among other countries.
What are the steps to hire a BPO service?

The steps are the following:

  • Entering to our website
  • Select the OUR SERVICES tab.
  • Choose the option CONTACT US
  • Send us an email with your information.
  • Our team will contact you.
How do I guarantee that it is a safe company?

The company is registered regionally, and we have references from our actual clients, a happy customer is the best reference we can have.

In which countries are you providing services?

We have customers in Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia; but our services are provided in the entire CAM region.

Which are the availables subscription plans?

We have the perfect plan for you, just let us know which is your requirement and we will show you the perfect plan for your needs.

  • Silver Plan (PYME)
  • Gold Plan (Percentage on the position’s salary)
  • Diamond Plan (Monthly fee for a group of positions)


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